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JaOon Yu is organic golden jojoba oil infused with 13 Chinese Medicine Herbs that has different healing properties on our skin. It is used traditionally in Korea for a long time. It is one of natural remedies of skin trouble including dry skin, bug bites, eczema, atopy, etc.  It has natural scent and color from the herbs.


I got this 13 herbs from a soap supply company in Korea. I infused in organic golden jojoba oil for over 6 months. Here is the name & properties of each ingredients.


1. Chrysanthemum indicum (감국):  anti-inflammatory

2. Liquorice (감초): Whitening, improves acne,  skin soothing effect, anti-inflammatory

3. Sophora flavescens root(Ku Shen)(고삼): treating skin diseases and even complex chronic psoriasis, cooking & expelling the heat

4. Japanese honeysuckle (금은화):  antibiotic, antioxidant, lower fevers by cooling the body and expelling the heat 

5. Angelica gigas(당귀신): eczema

6.Angelica dahurica (백지): eczema, Ulcer, pain relief

7. Forsythia suspensa fruit (연교): Relief itching, eczema relief. detoxification. bring down the fever/heat. anti-inflammatory. antibacterial, anti-allergic

8.Ulmus davidiana var. japonica (유근피): anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, good for sinusitis. 

9. Redroot Gromwell (자초): bring down the fever/heat, help with blood circulation, anti-inflammatory

10. White peony root(작약): antioxidant. tocopherol

11.Poncirus Trifoliata - Hardy Orange Tree (지실): atopy,  anti-allergic, pain relief, antipyretic, diuretic

12. Clementine peels (진피): Whitening, stretch marks, itching

13. Scutellaria baicalensis (황금): antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, hemorrhagic inflammation


Organic golden jojoba oil is light oil that penetrate in your skin easily. 


How to use: This is how I use. I use every night after I wash my face with my natural soap. Then, spray skin toner. After that, I put this JaOon Yu on my skin.  One drop on right under left eye where the wrinkles forms, one drop on the other eye, then spread it with my third and fourth finger tips. One drop  on the forehead and spread as equally as possible.  I use it for my hands since I have really dry hands and palms. 


Net wt. 22 gr.

JaOon Yu | 13 Chinese Medicine Herbs | Organic Jojoba Oil | Korean Traditional

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