It is scented with blends of essential oils. It's a combination of lime, lemongrass and  bergamot. Good for both face and body!! Plant-based ingredients. It is a cold processed soap made with moringa seed oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado oil, moringa powder, turmeric powder, etc. A half of the water part is aloe vera juice. 


  • 100% vegan & natural

  • Phthalate, sulphate, petroleum and paraben-free

  • Fair trade, sustainable palm oil

  • Because this is a handmade product, each bar is different  

  • No animal testing


To watch on YouTube: Moringa Turmeric Cold Process Soap


Benefits of Moringa and Turmeric is well known. 

I listed below some of those two ingredients for this soap. 

Moringa Powder:
Slows down ageing: Moringa oil and moringa leaf powder are both used topically on the face to prevent wrinkles and free radical damage to the skin. Moringa may help firm up your facial skin and also help reduce wrinkles and blemishes, making you look younger.
Due to its antibacterial properties, moringa is helpful in preventing acne breakouts on your skin. It also helps in removing blemishes, dark spots, pimples and blackheads. To achieve clear skin, you can apply a paste of moringa leaves on the spots of your face.

Moringa Oil absorbs easily into the skin, improving the appearance and radiance of skin. It has skin healthy nutrients like vitamin A, which helps build collagen in the skin, vitamin C to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and the healing and anti-inflammatory benefits of vitamin E.


Turmeric Powder:

Anti-ageing – Look Young ! ... Curcuminoids present in turmeric are strong antioxidants. Curcumin has antioxidant activity comparable to that of Vitamin C and E. It is known to treat conditions of oxidative stress (imbalance between prooxidants and antioxidants).

Heal wounds, help your psoriasis, help with acne scarring, linked to scabies treatment, & help with a range of other dermatological conditions


Moringa Turmeric Soap

SKU: 10
  • approx. 5 oz.

    The weight is based on the time the soap was cut. Over time the soap is losing the moisture and becomes harder soap which means it gets lighter but it will last longer.

  • Keep your soap bar dry between showers. The harder and drier bar soap, the longer you can use.