This Marble bar is made for oily and mixed skin type. It has luxurious organic macadamia nut oil along with organic extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, sustainable palm oil & corn oil. Scented with Lemon EO, Spearmint EO and just tiny bit of Patchouli EO. Smells so good not sweet but earthy. Organic coconut shell activated charcoal was used to color black. All NATURALl!! NO SULFATE! NO HARSH CHEMICALS!


Net wt. apprx. 4.4 oz
Ingredients: *Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Water, *Coconut Oil, Palm, Corn, Lye (NaOH), *Macadamia Nut Oil, Lemon EO, Spearmint EO, Titanium Dioxide Pigment, Patchouli EO, Organic Coconut Shell Activated Charcoal, Tussah Silk


* Organic

Black & White Marble Bar